While a large number of people look for a place like downtown Cancun or the hotel zone of the city to stay or to spend their time, there are many others who are looking for a quiet and comfortable area in which to be, some people always look for places like Isla Blanca, an ideal area to be and to be able to share.


If you want to know a little more about this location and what it has for you, keep reading this post so you can be prepared to spend the best time possible without any problem.

But before going into the post, it is necessary to mention that Isla Blanca is a continental zone of Isla Mujeres and it is not very close to Cancun downtown, therefore: You will need a private transfer service to get there and we can offer it to you.

Isla Blanca

As we mentioned before, Isla Blanca is an almost completely virgin area, since there are no big constructions that destroy the natural fauna that inhabits there, besides, what you will find is quite scarce, that is to say, you will not find as many places to eat, stay or hang out as in the city.

Here you will find the most beautiful beaches in the region, where they have been protected and cared for, preserving their natural beauty and wildlife.

Something characteristic of Isla Blanca is its light-colored sand, that is, white; this sand allows us to enjoy much more of the Caribbean beaches that exist here and do different sports, of course, taking care of the natural areas that are there.

But, wait, there is still something more, here you can not only enjoy or observe beaches, you can also enjoy the Chacmuchuc lagoon, which collides with the great Caribbean Sea creating a beautiful work of art where you can see two different colors merging into one at the end of the road.

isla blanca cancun

What’s in Isla Blanca?

In Isla Blanca there are not too many things yet, that’s why it is still known as the virgin island of Cancun; certainly, the main areas, that is, the closest ones on land to the city, have parking lots and different food places that can make your trip easier to use the bathroom, rent certain things or buy food, but from there on there is not much more.

What is there to do?

There are many options, from enjoying a nice day at the beach club eating seafood to a day of physical activities full of adrenaline and fun. That’s the wonderful thing about Isla Blanca, there are always options for everyone.

You can sunbathe or spend the day at the beach club, you will have the chance to watch flamingos or different birds that inhabit the area, you can go camping in the place enjoying the area, and you will also have the option to do sports like kitesurfing, something ideal if you love adrenaline.

isla blanca como llegar


White Island, being obviously a body of land surrounded almost completely by water, is accessible by boats, ferries or other vessels, as well as vehicles. That is why we say that its most exact location is in Quintana Roo, 30 kilometers north of the city of Cancun.

How to get there?

Due to the fact that Isla Blanca is far from the city, the transportation options to get there are limited. If you have your own car, you should have no problem getting to the island, but if you don’t have your own car a shuttle service is a very good option.

Of course, you can still take a cab to get there but you have to be prepared to pay around 1,000 MXN or more and another cheaper alternative is to take the bus that leaves at least 3 times a day from downtown to Isla Blanca. Just remember to keep an eye on the return schedules of these buses so you don’t get «stranded» in the area.


There are several tips we can give you, but the most important ones are:

Take everything you need, being a virgin island it does not have too many things or many connections and depending on the place or area where you are this could vary a lot more.

Go with extra money, at the time of an emergency it is always better to have resources on hand to be able to handle the situation.

Take food, if you will stay at the end of Isla Blanca this is the most advisable, since you will not see many people in that area, besides there are no stores there.


An area not so crowded with people and still perfect to have a good time and enjoy the trip, this is how you can define Isla Blanca and its invaluable population that make this a dream island for travelers or tourists. Have you thought about visiting this place? If so, don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments of this post!


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