Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment methods

We think about the client and his needs, that is why we offer two payment methods; One is online through PayPal and the other is in cash at the time of arrival:

Online (PayPal): When you make your reservation, after having captured your flight data and your personal information, the booking engine will redirect you to a page where you will try to see a summary of your reservation and two buttons which you They will offer the option to Pay with PayPal or upon arrival, click on “PayPal” and the booking engine will automatically redirect you to PayPal linked to your reservation and the total cost.

Once you make the payment, PayPal takes approximately up to 3 minutes to reflect the payment. If you already made your reservation or a friend or relative booked it for you, in the email registered at the time of generating the reservation, an email with your reservation number and a link to view your reservation in our engine was automatically sent to you of reservations on our page, there you will find information about your “Balance pending”, if you have a balance pending, just next to it, you will see a button, in which you will be sent to PayPal by clicking on it.

Upon arrival (Cash or Credit or Debit cards): If for any reason you are not sure of our services, do not worry! you can pay your driver at the moment of your arrival just upon receiving your service, if you have booked round trip, you must pay both services at the time of your arrival.

Pick Up time

Your driver will go to the motor-lobby of the hotel, condominium or AriBnB where you are staying. He will ask for you, so we ask you to be there at the scheduled time. Your driver can only wait a maximum of 10 minutes after the scheduled time.

It would help us a lot if you provide us with your room number one day before your departure